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5 Tips To Keep Your Reed Diffusers Working Well

5 Tips To Keep Your Reed Diffusers Working Well

A reed diffuser is a great way to enjoy your favourite essential oil fragrance without worrying about an open flame. However, even the best reed diffusers can stop working if they are not appropriately maintained. Here are five tips to keep your reed diffuser working well:

1. Regularly Flip Round Your Reeds

If you want your Reed Diffuser to continue releasing its fragrance, regularly flip the reeds. Flipping the reeds helps to reactivate the oil if it has been inactive for a while. For best results, flip the reeds around every week or two. If you're unsure when to flip them, a good rule of thumb is to do it whenever you notice the scent isn't as strong as it used to be! By following this simple tip, you can enjoy the wonderful smell of your Reed Diffuser for much longer.

2. Keep the Diffuser Full

One of the most essential tips for maintaining your diffuser is to keep the base full. The reed sticks need sufficient oil to absorb and diffuse the fragrance properly. If the base is running low, add more diffuser oil. Regularly doing this will help ensure that your diffuser always performs at its best.

3. Be Mindful of Where You Place Your Reed Diffuser

If you want your reed diffuser to last longer, it's essential to avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. The oils in the reed diffuser base can evaporate too quickly when exposed to these elements, so you'll need to add more diffuser oil more often. To prevent this, keep your reed diffuser out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as radiators and air vents. It would be best if you also tried placing your reed diffuser near a window or a door to take advantage of natural ventilation. By following these simple tips, you can help your diffuser last longer and enjoy the benefits of fragrance for longer.

4. Dust Off the Reed Diffuser Regularly

Depending on how long you have had your reed diffuser, you may find that dust begins to build up on the surface of the base, and the reed sticks. Dust can interfere with the diffusion of the diffuser oils, making them less effective. To prevent this, regularly dust off the diffuser base's surface and reed sticks with a soft, dry cloth. Dusting will help ensure that your diffuser can function correctly and deliver the full benefits of its oils.


5. Replace the Reeds When Necessary

If you notice that the scent of your reed diffuser is diminishing and flipping the reeds is not having any effect, replace the reeds immediately. It would help if you did this roughly every six months to avoid cleaning your diffuser more often than necessary. Replacing the reeds is a quick and easy process that will help you enjoy your diffuser for years. Remove the old reeds and insert new ones into the diffuser bottle.

Putting These Tips Into Practice

By following these simple tips, you can keep your reed diffuser working well for many months—enjoying your favorite essential oil fragrances without any worries! However, if you need a new diffuser or a refill for a current diffuser, then you can browse our selection of luxury reed diffusers, and our reed diffuser refills.


Q - Can I mix my Reed Diffuser oil with water?
A - No. Water and oil do not mix, and attempting to do this will ruin your reed diffuser.
Q - Can I mix different aromas?
A - No. Mixing different aroma oils will create unpleasant smells, and we highly recommend not doing this.
Q - Can I use the same reeds for different aromas?
A - No. Again, this will create unpleasant smells, and we recommend not doing this.
Q - What are Reed Diffusers?
A - Reed diffusers are a home fragrance product that is a popular alternative to scented candles. They do not have an open flame, so there is no fire risk; they last longer and produce solid and long-lasting scents.
Q - Is a Reed Diffuser good value for money?
A - Absolutely! Our reed diffusers are long-lasting, are constantly releasing a fragrance when there is oil left in the base, and are affordable.

Q - How long do Reed Diffusers last?
A - Our reed diffusers last for months, but we sell a variety of different-sized reed diffusers, so results may vary. It also depends on environmental factors, such as if your reed diffuser is in direct sunlight, dehumidifiers or air conditioning in the room, etc.
Q - My Reed Diffuser is not scenting my room as strongly as I would like. How can I fix this?
A - If you have tried all the tips mentioned in this blog post, then perhaps the room you are trying to scent is too large for a single reed diffuser. Consider placing multiple reed diffusers of the same aroma in opposite corners of the room for optimal results.

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