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5 Christmas Scents to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

5 Christmas Scents to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

When it comes to the festive season, there are certain scents that just bring back all the feels. From the smell of nutmeg to the scent of cinnamon, these holiday smells can fill us with happiness and nostalgia. However, you may be thinking to yourself "my home does not smell like that right now...". No problem, we've got you covered with our list of top 5 Christmas scents we sell.


Spiced Orange Scent


As the leaves turn and temperatures drop, there is something both comforting and luxurious about the scent of spices drifting through the air. The smell of orange has long been a familiar first harbinger of autumn/winter. The wonderful aroma of spiced oranges comes with the explosion of fall colours - the perfect accompaniment to cosy gatherings, warm fires, and a blanket of fallen leaves outside. Spiced oranges have been enjoyed in some form since the middle ages because there's something exceptional about this timeless aroma that speaks to comfort, security and delight no matter when or what part of the world one finds themselves in. Providing orange notes with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this is perfect for the festive season. Inhaling this aroma will help keep your spirits up in even the chilliest climates, giving you memories to savour throughout the holiday season.


Christmas Spice Aroma


The scent of Christmas is a truly delicious experience that is hard to forget. When you open the door, you're greeted with a welcome blanket of warmth and special festive spices, making every moment feel extra luxurious. That Christmas spice aroma combines nutmeg, cinnamon and clove with the citrusy notes of orange and mandarin for an unbeatable combination. As soon as you enter a room filled with that unmistakable holiday blend, it's impossible to resist; you can almost feel that Christmas is in the air. It envelops you from head-to-toe in comfort and joy, always finding its way back into your heart and home year after year. There's something truly magical about that Christmas-time scent - so warming, peaceful, and alluring - it wouldn't be the same without it!


Festive Cranberry Aroma


The festive cranberry aroma that pervades the room during the holiday season is one of the most beneficial and luxurious effects you can add to your decor. From candles and diffusers to soy wax melts, the sweet-tart scent of cranberries fills the air with a hint of aromatic nostalgia that evokes warm memories and seasonal cheer. Our Festive Cranberry aroma is infused with an inviting mix of tangy cranberry with subtle notes of apple, peach, lemon and strawberry. Festive Cranberry offers a delightful way to add depth and indulgence to any interior, providing elegant simplicity and effortless sophistication. It creates an inviting holiday haven filled with comfortable warmth that celebrates all things Christmas - love and good times.


Cranberry, Orange, and Cinnamon


With its warm and cosy aromas, the Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon aroma is the perfect way to turn any space into a luxurious oasis. This unique blend of tart cranberry, citrus oranges, and spicy cinnamon, along with hints of Jasmine, Lily Sandalwood and Vanilla, creates a fruity and floral combination. This aroma will accentuate any living space, whether used to enhance the holiday feeling or as part of your daily aromatherapy routine. Moreover, the beautifully blended scent can help to elevate moods and combat stress by providing a pleasing aroma that stimulates positive emotions. Overall, Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon will fill your life with peace and contentment. So whether you're looking for something luxurious and elegant or want to add some pleasant cheer to any space – Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon aroma is here! A one-of-a-kind blend of calming scents that provides tranquillity while also elevating moods, creating a beautiful ambience that helps keep life balanced.


Spiced Cranberry and Ginger Aroma


Spiced Cranberry and Ginger aroma has been carefully crafted to bring a luxurious and elegant feel to any room. With delicate notes of cranberry and thrilling hints of ginger, vanilla, orange and lemon, this aroma captures the complexity and sophistication of the season. This carefully blended combination will make any home feel more festive while remaining classically chic year-round. This divine scent creates a lasting impression that can remind us to enjoy life's simple beauties today! From your family room to your dining room, Spiced Cranberry and Ginger adds just the right level of cosy warmth for any holiday occasion. Try it today and be reminded of how remarkable life can be when everything is spiced just right!


Get Your Holiday Fragrances Today


The holidays are a time to come together with family and friends, celebrate traditions, old and new, and enjoy the company of those we love. What better way to bring the cheer of Christmas into your home than by filling it with festive aromas? Our home fragrance products will do just that, giving your living spaces an extra layer of festivity. They come in seasonal scents like cranberry spice and eggnog that will make your house smell like Christmas all season long. So why wait? You can buy our Christmas Aromas for diffusers here! However, for ultimate decadence, our aromas pair perfectly with flickering candlelight to give you that ultimate Christmas feeling. Therefore, our candles and wax melts are perfect!


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